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7 best bridal accessories to complete your wedding day look

7 best bridal accessories to complete your wedding day look

7 best bridal accessories to complete your wedding day look


Wedding accessories play a supporting, yet important role in completing your wedding day look. Although your wedding dress is the focal element of your bridal ensemble, your transformation into a gorgeous bride will be incomplete without the right accessories.

There is a stunning variety of bridal accessories to pick from. Whether you prefer just one or two bold, statement pieces or several understated accessories, you will be spoiled for choice. We asked the Best for Bride team from Toronto, Canada for their list of the top bridal accessories, and here is what they had to suggest.


Although times have changed, the veil continues to be a bridal favorite. It is the one element that clearly sets a bride apart in the wedding scenery. While many brides choose to wear it for its traditional value, others do so because of the special touch it adds to the bridal outfit. The latest trends in veils include floral appliques, softly scattered petals, lace trims on edges and long veils that extend into trains. These updates make the basic veil more attractive, and enhance the bridal look. For more details on the trends in veils this year, visit this post on the Fashion Week website.  

Delicate headpieces

Headpieces are another all-time bridal favorite. From floral crowns to tiaras and hair vines, you have no dearth of choices. Nonetheless, delicate headpieces are a fascinating addition to the bridal look, as these exude romance and feminine charm. Simple headpieces perfectly complement opulent wedding gowns, just as they go well with minimalist dress styles.  Consider pairing your bridal dress with a bridal halo, jewel encrusted headband or crystal hair tie. Not only do these accessories look beautiful on their own, they can also be paired with veils for greater impact. This post on the Knot website has many interesting options in dainty bridal hair accessories. Check it out! 

Bold, statement earrings

A great pair of earrings will instantly draw attention to your face, and light it up. Therefore, this is a must-have for your wedding day. Statement chandelier earrings, danglers and oversize hoops are options to consider. Choose earrings with gemstones for colorful accents that tie your look to your wedding theme. On the other hand, go with pearls, crystal or diamond studded pieces on silver or gold for a conventional look. When choosing earrings, do not forget to match the base metal color to the embellishments in your wedding dress for best effects.

Bridal belt

Versatile and chic, bridal belts are a fantastic way to add extra sparkle and glamour to your bridal outfit. As a budget-friendly option, this accessory can transform an inexpensive dress into something amazing. Bridal belts can be as simple or as intricately detailed as you choose. They come in different colors and are made from fabrics like satin, tulle, lace or taffeta. Wear your belt at the smallest part of your waist to highlight your slender figure. We also like this idea on Today’s Bride of using a bridal belt with your wedding dress, for a second look at the reception without actually having to buy another dress.  

Sparkling necklace

The necklace is a key wedding accessory that will enhance your overall look when chosen well. Go with the details in your dress to choose the right necklace for your dress. Multistrand and heavily embellished neckpieces look good with strapless and deep necklines. If the bodice and neckline of your dress is ornate, choose a simple necklace. Also, make sure that the base metal color complements the color of your dress. Skip the necklace if your dress has a high neckline, or opt for a simple pendant. Do not forget to match the proportions of your necklace with your earrings. Since too much jewelry can cause a cluttered look, it is better to choose just one statement piece. Therefore, if you pick a heavy necklace, it is a good idea to pair it with small, understated earrings.

Stylish clutch

Stash your makeup, hair essentials and emergency wedding supplies in a stylish clutch, and you have a great-looking, functional accessory. Match your clutch with the design elements on your dress for greater impact. Embellished bags can instantly dress up and add a touch of sparkle to an unadorned bridal dress. You can even choose a colorful clutch for a subtle pop of color in your outfit.

Dainty shoes

Invest in a pair of wedding shoes that are comfortable and elegant. Although your shoes will be hidden from view by the skirt of your dress, you should still make your pick with care. Since you will spend most of the day on your feet, only a good pair of shoes will keep your feet comfortable. Apart from how it looks on the outside, also pay attention to the fit. It also helps if the shoes have extra padding on the inside. Finally, the shoe design should also match your dress style and be suitable for the wedding venue.

Author Bio: Best for Bride is a leading bridal dress store and wedding services provider in Canada. Having been in business for over a decade, their bridal chain features top-notch designer collections, bridal accessories, bridesmaid’s collections and everything wedding-related under one roof. Apart from their four store locations in the country, Best for Bride also caters to brides from around the world through their websitehttp://www.bestforbride.com/brides.html.

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