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8 Pre-Wedding Day Must-Do’s for the Bride!

8 Pre-Wedding Day Must-Do’s for the Bride!

8 Pre-Wedding Day Must-Do’s for the Bride!


After countless months of preparing, you are almost ready for the big day. You have completed your reservations, sent out your invitations, booked a venue and bought your dress. So, you’re done right?!– Not quite. You might be thinking…can I just walk down the aisle already? But before that happens, a final “almost I-do” checklist must take place to tag on those last-minute tasks.


To ensure a well organized and prepared wedding day, here are some great ideas to take into consideration:


Clean your ring.


A very important wedding focal point– the ring. It’s seen in photos, observed by guests, and is a piece you will want to show off throughout your ceremony. The night before, clean it at home with a store bought jewelry cleaner, or if you want to put it in the hands of a professional jeweler, that’s great too. Just make sure you’re present when it’s being cleaned to eliminate the risk of something happening to it.


Pack an emergency kit.


Just in case you lose a few bobby pins, ‘Aunt Flow’ suddenly stops in for a visit, or your shoes give you a painful blister, be prepared with an essential emergency kit! If you have a small makeup bag or clutch, it will work like a charm! Stuff it with bandaids, chapstick, deodorant, bobby pins or whatever other items you may need. That way, if something happens, you’ll be prepared with a solution!


Invest in a comfortable bra.


Purchasing a quality bra is something that is commonly overlooked or forgotten. Depending on the style and color of your wedding gown, certain bras may not match or tuck away, but if at all possible, find a bra that is comfortable, quality and supportive, like these! Not only will a great bra feel like your skin, but it won’t dig into your back and shoulders when you’re walking down the aisle or dancing at your reception.


Practice reading your vows.


Whether you have taken the time to write your own vows, or you plan on reading the “standard vows”, practice saying them aloud so when you are experiencing the actual moment, you’re less likely to mispronounce or forget a word. If you do– definitely not a huge deal; family is most likely a forgiving crowd and it will be easy to laugh it off!


Write your partner a cute note.


Something so simple yet so special– writing your (soon to be) life partner a love note. There are several ways to go about this:



  • Creating something super sappy and emotional – but still romantic!
  • Writing about a specific memory that was special in your relationship.
  • Using humor to make them laugh at an attempt to take away some wedding day nerves.



Either way, it’s a special way to show your love and appreciation.


Get a manicure and pedicure.


Pampering yourself at the salon before your wedding day can make you feel confident and beautiful throughout the day. Take your bridesmaids, mother or sister if you want to! To keep your nails as fresh as possible, try to schedule an appointment 1-2 days in advance.


Rest as much as possible.


Weddings are a ton of fun, but they can be absolutely exhausting. From waking up early to begin makeup and hair, talking with your guests at the cocktail ceremony, and a night’s worth of dancing, singing, talking and eating at your reception, you will want as much sleep as much as possible– trust me!


Pack a wedding day bag.


When your wedding comes to a close, all you will want to do is hop into sweatpants and take your makeup off. It is vital to pack a suitcase with all of your necessary nighttime routine “must-haves”– clothes, medications, skin care products, pajamas, etc.


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