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Invitations, Favors & Gifts

Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Unique wedding favors

Dove Chocolate Discoveries provides unique ways to enjoy chocolate. We also provide wedding favor options for your guests to take home.

Damsel In Defense
Damsel In Defense
Damsel In Defense equips, empowers and educates women to stay safe. An Independent Damsel Pro sells products such as pepper sprays, stun guns, striking tools, security on the go and more.

Damsel In Defense is about equipping women to stay safe. Pepper sprays, stun guns, striking tools and security on the go products that are no only high quality with a lifetime warranty but they are affordable and adorable. Our products would make wonderful gifts for your “stunning” bridesmaids. They have taken care of you so gift them with something to help care for them. Come see your Independent Damsel Pro’s booth at the bridal show!
(423) 991-7189
Pretty in Ink, LLC
Pretty in Ink, LLC
Pretty in Ink Invitations is a custom greeting card and invitation company for those with impeccable taste!

Pretty in Ink Invitations is a custom greeting card and invitation company for those with impeccable taste whose clients have included Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance, Robert Evans, Tim & Sharae Brown, Tangie Ambrose, Denzel & Pauletta Washington and Sherri Sheppard. We are a full service company that can handle all of your event needs from invitations to party favors. Pretty in Ink Invitations will set the tone of any occasion.


Mission Statement

  • The mission of Chic Occasions is to serve the community through delivering high quality bridal shows that connect couples and wedding professionals.


Vision Statement

  • Make every bride a Queen for a Day!


Value Statement

Chic Occasions, Inc. values:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the integrity of the bridal show industry;
  • Mutual support and camaraderie among staff and vendors;
  • Making the right connections between couples and wedding professionals; and
  • Contributing to the larger community through the development of mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities.