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Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Shea’s Sweets
Shea’s Sweets
I am a home-based baker.

I specialize in tasty small treats such as cupcakes,cakepops, and chocolate dipped treats

Pastry Addict
Pastry Addict
Turning your pastry dreams into a reality!

At Pastry Addict, I believe every sweet you eat should not only look amazing, but taste incredible. I specialize in providing beautifully decorated works of art with delectably moist and homemade flavor. Whether you envision a sweet, chic and contemporary wonder, or a luxurious twist to a traditional southern charm, your cake will be custom made to incorporate the unique vision of your special day.

In addition to beautifully designed traditional wedding cakes, I can create deconstructed wedding cakes, cupcake displays and dessert tables. Whether you’re searching for the perfect wedding cake, groom’s cake or party cake, I take extra care to capture the inspiration that is provided to me, to ensure that your special day is truly one to remember.
Sift & Sound
Sift & Sound
My bakery specializes in cakes and desserts made from all natural ingredients and decorated with a clean, simple and classy design.

My name is Shane Bourgoyne and I am a Louisiana-born pastry chef and baker. After moving to Atlanta to pursue a career in graphic design, it was not long before the part-time work I was doing in Atlanta pastry shops and bakeries completely changed my career course. After years of creating pastries, cakes and breads for local bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, and event planning spaces in metropolitan Atlanta, I made the decision in 2015 to launch my own pastry business. As the executive pastry chef of my own company, I create in line with my own quality standards, focusing on cakes that are fresh baked, not too sweet, and always made with natural ingredients.
Glory Cakes
Glory Cakes
Custom-designed wedding cakes

We design a cake for your special day that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations!

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Chic Occasions is to serve the community through delivering high quality bridal shows that connect couples and wedding professionals.


Vision Statement

  • Make every bride a Queen for a Day!


Value Statement

Chic Occasions, Inc. values:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the integrity of the bridal show industry;
  • Mutual support and camaraderie among staff and vendors;
  • Making the right connections between couples and wedding professionals; and
  • Contributing to the larger community through the development of mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities.