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Colorful Life Nails
Colorful Life Nails
Color Street is real highquality polish. 3 layers within a groundbreaking one step film process. Not a sticker and not vinyl. It dries to your nail plate because it’s polish!

Whether you’re selecting your dress, planning your rehearsal dinner, or selecting your flowers, you want everything down to the last detail to be perfect. What if you had perfect nails, not only to compliment your wedding dress on the big day, but for your bridal showers, the bachelorette party, meeting with your wedding coordinator? And what if you could save time and achieve the perfect compliments to all these outfits in the comfort of your own home? It’s 100%, high quality nail polish with 3 layers in a groundbreaking one step film process. It’s so easy to apply, you could do it anytime, anywhere (no heat or tools required).. Be head to toe ready where ever you go, and soak in this next year as the bride!

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Chic Occasions is to serve the community through delivering high quality bridal shows that connect couples and wedding professionals.


Vision Statement

  • Make every bride a Queen for a Day!


Value Statement

Chic Occasions, Inc. values:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the integrity of the bridal show industry;
  • Mutual support and camaraderie among staff and vendors;
  • Making the right connections between couples and wedding professionals; and
  • Contributing to the larger community through the development of mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities.