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Hello Autumn! (Fall Wedding Trends)

Hello Autumn! (Fall Wedding Trends)

Hello Autumn! (Fall Wedding Trends)
Written By Rachael Blaylock
It’s that lovely time of year where the leaves begin to change, the temperature is just right, and boots and scarfs are the go to fashion.
What does this mean for your wedding this year?
Planning a wedding in a season such as Autumn influences your choice of colors, theme, and more. The trends are different every year, so let’s take a dive into this season’s trends for Autumn weddings!
  • Dress
    • Floral designs are becoming all the rave for this season, and it has definitely had an impact on wedding gown designers. Two piece designs are also allowing brides to put a spin of their own personality by choosing skirts that are fun and flirty or long and traditional. Some trends have been revisited with some looks that are inspired by the 90’s and even 30’s. With so many options, a bride is more than able to find something that is fitting to her taste.
  • Colors
    • Colors for this season tend to be warm, which is not surprising given this years choice of hues. Burgundies, corals, browns, grays, greens and other warm and earthly tones are this year’s top picks. 
  • Cake
    • Cakes have taken on an entirely different meaning as many bakers have challenged physics and tradition with their stylish inventions. Although that may be the case in past years, this year has taken on some vintage inspiration. Rustic and not so perfect details have become more appealing with buttercream and brushstrokes making a come back.
Autumn brides, enjoy this year’s trends or whatever you choose for your special day!
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