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Importance of Having a Wedding Planner

Importance of Having a Wedding Planner


The Importance of Having a Wedding a Planner

Written By Rachael Blaylock
Yay, you’re engaged now! The one, your soulmate has proposed, and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. Now what?
Everyone has seen the ring, and the questions are beginning to flood in and overwhelm you. “What is your wedding date?” “Have you found a venue?” “Do you have a caterer?’ 
Everything can begin tumbling down on you all at once, and if you do not get the help that you need to plan a wedding it can become stressful. 
How can you avoid stress and enjoy the entire process? Hire a wedding planner!
These professionals plan weddings for a living, and some do other events, such as bachelorette and engagement parties.
Below are a few reasons why hiring a wedding planner can be a life saver:
  • Personal Assistant
    • A wedding planner can help you stay within or below your budget once you decide what it is going to be. Plus they can make sure that you do not miss a single thing on your list in terms of planning a wedding (theme, venue, etc.). Even if you are not sure what you want, a wedding planner can work with you in order to help you find what makes you happy. Basically they are like you’re personal assistant; they will handle the calls and costs, while you just view venues, taste cakes, and smell flowers.
  • Cost Effective
    • Most people will rant, “Wedding planners are expensive!” Granted, some wedding planners can run up in price, but the solution is simple. Figure out your budget, and find a planner that falls within what you are able to afford. Also, if you already have your venue and dress, have your wedding planner assist you with other matters that you may not have in line yet. This will also save you money by the minute.
  • Time Saver
    • Although most brides-to-be have a year to plan, that year goes by quickly. Depending upon the route you take, you may need that entire year to plan. For instance, some venues may not be available until next season, or finding your dress and making alterations for you and your bridesmaids might take months. Either way, you may not have time to do that and find a reception hall, etc. While you may be working 8+ hours a day at work, your wedding planner can find your florist and caterer. Wouldn’t that be nice to check off of your list, especially when you didn’t have to lift a finger?
  • Professionals
    • Must I exaggerate the fact that these people KNOW what they are doing. Most have planned more weddings than you will see in a lifetime. Instead of going through the stress and headache, why not have someone step in and assist you with those areas that you and hubby to be are struggling with? If the bride to be is happy, then life will be smooth sailing!

All in all, this is not to tell you how to plan your wedding, but hopefully this  will provide some insight on how helpful a wedding planner can be. Happy Planning!
  • Derek Dewitt
    Posted at 13:24h, 05 July Reply

    My friend is getting married soon and has been worried about not having the time to plan it out as well as he wants. I like how you emphasize the importance of finding a planner within your financial limit. In my opinion, weddings are expensive enough so it’s important to cut back on costs every way you can!

    • Nichole Alexander
      Posted at 12:26h, 09 August Reply

      I agree with you on cutting back. If you have a good planner they should be able to save you as much or even more than what you are paying them.

  • Roy Cracia
    Posted at 06:01h, 20 May Reply

    Thank you for such an informative blog! This will help people to know the importance of a wedding planner and how a wedding planner can help them to arrange a dream wedding. By hiring a wedding planner one can enjoy a stressfree wedding event. I also hired a Wedding Planner California for my cousin’s wedding and they had managed everything very well. Waiting for your next blog!

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