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Make it Thoughtful: Bridal Party Gifts (Chic Occasions Bridal Shows)

Make it Thoughtful: Bridal Party Gifts (Chic Occasions Bridal Shows)



Make it Thoughtful: Bridal Party Gifts

By: Rachael Blaylock


Bridal party gifts have become more personalized and unique, making this part of wedding planning quite stressless and fun. With websites and bridal shows like Etsy and The Knot, Chic Occasions the options are endless!

First, let’s understand the importance of the bridal party gift and why it should be special. This gift is a token of your gratitude as well as a keepsake for the bridesmaids to remember your big day.Most of these gifts are very personalized with names or initials engraved. Now, you might be thinking, “does this have to be expensive?” Not at all, because you do not have to purchase something offline or go to a pricy boutique. For instance, you could purchase mugs with cute sayings that match each of your bridesmaids’ personalities or cute phone accessories from a shop like Claire’s or the Icing. Either way, the biggest aspect is putting thought into each gift for each bridesmaid, which leads to the more elaborate gift-something for the maid of honor.

Your maid of honor is practically your right hand, or whichever hand is your predominate. 🙂

They will be there through the ups and downs of planning your wedding. In reality, for the next few months or year, your big day is consuming quite a bit of their time. With that being said, you want to make sure that their gift is extra special. This does not need to be something lavish, so as the bride you can focus on presentation. You could take your maid of honor to lunch and present the gift to her that way. Again, the focus is all in the thought process, which definitely shows when you reveal the gift.


Below are a few ideas for bridal party gifts that can accommodate almost any bride’s budget:


  • Robes with stitched initials
    • This idea is beginning to become traditional, but you can also have fun with the print. Maybe customizing the robes to match each bridesmaid’s favorite color, or instead of using their initials, you could have their nicknames on the back.
  • Monogrammed tote
    • If you and the girls are going somewhere warm for your bachelorette party/getaway, take this as an opportunity to stash a few goodies in a personalized monogrammed tote. This also eliminates wondering when you should present the gifts to your bridesmaids.
  • Cosmetic Case
    • If you want to take a more practical approach, and provide your bridesmaids with something that they can use during the wedding get them cosmetic cases. Also, take a trip to a place like Ulta and fill each one with cute glosses or lipstick, anything that each bridesmaid would like to wear.
  • iPad/Kindle case
    • For something far from traditional, you could purchase iPad/Kindle cases for your bridesmaids. Gifts like these are becoming more popular and are different that you can make very unique to your wedding.
  • Mugs and Candy
    • For something less expensive, yet personal, you can buy mugs with funny sayings and fill them with each bridesmaid’s favorite candy.

Hope Chic Occasions has sparked some bridal party gift ideas for your brides out there. Remember, have fun with it and make it thoughtful.   Check out our upcoming bridal show on February 19th at The Cobb Civic Center to find some of these items.


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