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Soirees By Lee

Soirees by Lee is a full service wedding and event planning company with a heart for all things worth celebrating. We are a team of sassy, dope Wedding Planners with bit of southern charm. Who else is gonna reel Mama-in-law in when she (bless her heart) orders a white dress for the wedding? Who else is going to obsess over every detail of your day to ensure you have a good time? We will! Why? It’s simple. We know that it takes time to curate a celebration as unique as your vision. Don’t worry, we have your back. Seriously, we will be “your person.” We will handle all details so you can get back to the fun stuff like cake tastings and dinner dates with your fiancé. So, whether it’s coordinating the wedding of your dreams or designing a birthday experience to wow all of your guests, Soirees by Lee is here and ready to assist!


Phone: 470-455-5992

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